A Unforgettable Holiday to Mauritius

maurMauritius is an island that is as beautiful as it is fascinating. A sparkling crystal paradise surrounded by the pristine, turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. This island of tropical beauty will completely captivate you as you experience unparalleled luxury, and  a level of refinement that is a head and shoulders above that on offer in other tropical holiday destinations. Here, you will discover the true meaning of ‘beauty’ – a realisation that will compel you to return to Mauritius’ shores time and again.

maur danceThe history of this island nation is fascinatingly multi-cultural. Located off the South-Eastern coast of Africa, this hidden gem went undiscovered until 1507 and remained uninhabited until 1638 when the Dutch temporarily settled until 1710. The French then settled on the island in 1715, hence the French influence on the country’s culture that remains to be seen today.   English is now the official language of Mauritius, although French and Creole are commonly used.

dodoMauritius is such a kaleidoscope of different cultures, beliefs and traditions. Immerse yourself in an African lifestyle, against a backdrop of French and English heritage and experience a holiday of a lifetime. Another incredible chapter of the Mauritius back story is its legacy as the Land of the Dodo.  Though extinct for over 300 years,  the mystery behind its extinction continues to amaze visitors at the country’s National History Museum, where one of the few remaining skeletons is on display.

heritageHeritage Resorts, Mauritius, offers three different types of accommodation all located in the south of the island. Firstly the private villas, with panoramic beach views – this is the ultimate, eloquent and idyllic private villa experience, complete with all the luxuries you would expect from a 5-star hotel stay.  This is the very epitome of luxury and is perfect for honeymoons or special occasions. Heritage also offers two five-star hotels – Heritage Le Telfair or Heritage Awali – both boast impressive views of beautiful beaches. Whichever hotel you pick, be sure to catch a Mauritius sunset while you’re there – there’s nothing on earth more beautiful or romantic!

tamHeritage are experts in premium holiday accommodation, but should you wish to venture out, you can take a cooling dip at beautiful Tamarind Falls or bathe in the sacred volcanic lake of Ganga Talao, or catch your own fish to eat under the stars on a deep-sea fishing expedition. The west and south-west coast of Mauritius is an adventure playground for nature and sports-lovers, the water sports on offer are world class and there are plenty of adrenalin-pumping quad bike rides available. This perfectly cosmopolitan location takes vacations to a whole new stratospheric level – holidays will never be the same again!

A popular choice with our clients over recent years is a multi-centre split holiday  between dubathe Mauritius resorts and either Dubai or The Maldives.  Whether you choose this option, or just stay put on your sun lounger for two weeks enjoying this coveted, castaway island, you can never get enough of Mauritius! It’s steeped in history, intrigue and fringed with spectacular coral reefs and pure white sands lapped by crystal clear waters – in a word, it’s bliss.

sunsetIn terms of climate, Mauritius enjoys relatively mild weather. Although temperatures are rather moderate throughout the year with occasional rainfall, the most pleasant times to visit the island are between the months of April and June and between September and December. As Mauritius is located in the southern hemisphere, the summer and winter months are opposite to seasons in Europe. Whenever you decide to travel, Mauritius will leave a lasting impression, long after your tan fades!

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